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Legends of Coralia


She might be the queen, but mounting pressure from the old guard prevents Collette from making real change in Coralia.


Following the death of her father, Collette dreams of peace and prosperity for her people. She wants to stop the Merscales trade and to grow the economy through international trade and cooperation. The nobility wants to maintain the status quo.

When an important visit from the Nereid emissary is overshadowed by the brutal murder of Wrenn Almeida, Collette finds herself accused of murder by Wrenn's sister, Rhoslyn. As tensions rise between Collette, her half-brother Zephraim, and the growing support for Rhoslyn, Collette’s supporters, a trio of mercenaries, her aging guard captain, and a half-human lover, plot to help her escape the kingdom.

Legends of Coralia: The Fractured City is the debut novel in this epic fantasy series. This book contains LGBTQ+ themes, violence, revenge, discussions of genocide, language, and sexual content.​


Being the Queen wasn’t the problem …

Following a late night escape from Quenall, Queen Collette and her mercenary friends journey north to a neighboring kingdom, hoping to gain allies to help put Collette back on the throne. King Brath has a different proposal: marry him and become his queen. After Nawalya experiences a series of deadly visions, she struggles with revealing the possible futures to Whyldon, Tolan, and Collette. Tensions rise between Tolan and Larent, straining Collette’s already thin patience.

Back in Coralia, Zephraim and Rhoslyn are crowned the new King and Queen, but Lord Riken’s return threatens the success of the union. Behind the scenes, Commander Hawke tries to save those who are at risk due to the change in leadership, putting him and his wife in grave danger. Complications arise when Hawke begins receiving letters from a mysterious person.

Legends of Coralia: The Coming Rebellion is the second novel in this epic fantasy series. It contains LGBTQ+ themes, violence, adultery, revenge, discussions of genocide, language, and sexual content.


The queen is dead, or so the rumors say.

Following Collette's attack and near death, Zephraim's use of blood magic on Larent has everyone on edge. The travel party decides to bunker down in Barcomb Mill, Whyldon's old estate, for the winter. Already fraying at the edges, the group is nearly divided by the revelation of Nawalya's visions showing a possible attack on Collette.


Back in Quenall, Zephraim suffers visions of the sister he killed while dealing with Riken and Rhoslyn's plans for the kingdom. He hopes sending Riken to Galel will alleviate some stress, but will it only make things worse in the long run?


As news of the death of Collette spreads across the kingdom, Crem's rebellion begins dying out, but the former commander has more important things to worry about. His wife Diana remains in the castle acting as spy and confidante to their miserable king. Will Lord Barris's protection be enough to keep her safe?


In the Nereid kingdom, Aphros has allowed Jayden and Ceto to travel to Coralia in search of Collette. Will they find help or even more horror and despair?

Legends of Coralia: The Fractured City is the debut novel in this epic fantasy series. This book contains LGBTQ+ themes, violence, revenge, discussions of genocide, language, and sexual content.​

Kate Jenkins


Kate Jenkins enjoys writing fantasy, Sci-fi and romance as much as she enjoys reading them. She lives in a small town in Idaho with her autistic teen who is her whole world, her parents, and between them, four dogs and six cats. When not hanging with her son, she loves gaming, especially first person shooters and asymmetrical horror games she can play with friends. She's a K-pop enthusiast and harbors a secret love of K-dramas and Anime, much to her mother's displeasure as she's slowly being sucked into them with her. Her favorites tropes are currently enemies to loves, there was only one bed, coffee shops, time travel fixes it, and soul mates/soul identifying marks. She is hopeful one day she can talk her co-author into writing these with her.

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Morgan Moreau

Morgan Moreau emerges as a passionate writer whose literary interests span across various genres, showcasing a love for the imaginative realms of fantasy, historical fiction, crime and mystery, as well as contemporary stories. Morgan's interests and hobbies are intricately woven into her personality and identity as an author. Morgan's affection for The Little Mermaid profoundly influences multiple aspects of her life including her vibrant red and purple hair, mermaid tattoos, and a growing collection of mermaid memorabilia. Morgan also holds a deep affection for pirates, especially those who “wear fine things well," though those in possession of jars of dirt will always hold a place in her heart. She lives in Alabama with her dog, Scarlett, and she looks forward to adopting more puppies in the future. Her current passions include higher education, animal rights, and watching the 1995 Pride & Prejudice at least once a month. In addition to her current literary loves, Morgan is a fan of vampires, pirates, mermaids, and superheroes, and she hopes to incorporate them into future works.

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